Understanding & Tackling Human Error

Tackling Human Error

When tackling the persistent problem of quality failures deemed to be caused by human error it is important to begin with a basic understanding of its structure.

Tackling human error solution puzzle

The structure of error?  What does this mean?  Surely a mistake is a mistake?

While two ‘mistakes’, even of the simplest type, may seem similar or identical in form, they can be very different in their causes and the way they came about.  This is why prevention of recurrence of human errors can present such a challenge. What is for sure is that ‘retraining’ – an action frequently applied in response to a human error failure – very often isn’t the solution (at least not on its own), and has little preventive effect.

Over recent times much psychology research has been carried out which can help us classify and make more sense of human error.  Gaining an awareness and knowledge of the outputs of this research is a powerful first step towards effectively addressing your human error issues.  Unfortunately the information you need is often presented in far too much specialised detail in the psychology literature to be of practical use to a busy pharmaceutical professional.

The People in Pharma Human Error and Quality Leadership Programme has been prepared specifically for technical pharmaceutical professionals by Eric Furey who has extensive experience in management roles in production and quality assurance environments.  He has been there and got the tee shirt.


Moving Towards Preventing Human Error

Of course gaining some understanding of human error doesn’t solve the problem, but it does help us point ourselves towards solutions.

Working to achieve reduction of human error within our business is crucial, but getting behind errors isn’t easy.  If it were then the regulatory authorities would not continue to voice their concerns over ‘human error’ being frequently cited by pharmaceutical companies as the primary cause of their GMP deviations and complaints.

The People in Pharma Human Error and Quality Leadership Programme works with the belief that the vast majority of operational staff want to do a good job.  It provides a process to help supervisors, managers and technical specialists responsible for dealing with deviations, complaints, and related issues to get to grips with GMP failure investigations and associated preventive actions.

The programme is designed in a modular style so you can select according to your requirements and do not have to over-commit.

All units stand alone, but will also dovetail into one another to form an integrated programme.  This means that training and support can be adjusted according to the needs of the organisation, and its human and financial resources.