The Human Error & Quality Leadership Programme

Support Programmes

Human Error in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Issues and Challenges

A half hour introductory session highlighting the issues and challenges we face as we strive
for quality compliance, and why human error persists as a thorn in our collective sides.

People in Pharma support programmes for the pharmaceutical industry


Making Sense of Human Error and Preventive Actions

A course which includes:

  • What you need to know about human error (in sufficient detail – but not too much)
  • Understanding human error (i.e. getting behind ‘carelessness’, ‘complacency’, ‘lack of attention’, etc)
  • A new approach to errors – strategies to drive improvement and quality compliance


Leading Towards Quality (Managing People for Quality Performance)

A course to help professionals with scientific, technical and engineering backgrounds deal with those people related issues which directly affect quality and compliance performance.  The programme provides delegates with straightforward approaches that work simply and effectively.  This course stands alone, but also dovetails into Making Sense of Human Error and Preventive Actions.  Additionally, it can be supported by ongoing 1:1 or group coaching if required.


Human Error Programme – Facilitation / Support in the Workplace

People in Pharma can help you by providing a trained and experienced facilitator who can draw on broad experience to offer real practical support for your supervisors and managers during implementation of Human Error preventive strategies in the pharmaceutical sector.


Do I Make Myself Clear? – Workshop

This is a one day highly interactive training workshop based on the book Do I Make Myself Clear? by Eric Furey – a quality systems specialist with over 20 years experience working in the pharmaceutical field.

Do I Make Myself Clear? provides practical, easy to understand methods and strategies, illustrated with detailed workplace examples, which will maximise your chances of achieving your desired outcomes in your interpersonal interactions, including those with difficult people.