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Eric Furey

Eric Furey | Human error prevention in pharmaceutical industryI am a graduate biochemist and I have over 20 years experience working in the pharmaceutical sector, including management roles in Production and Quality Assurance, and I have been on the Qualified Persons Register (‘QP’ under the European Pharmaceutical Directive) since 1988. These roles have always involved working towards improving quality performance and dealing with compliance failures (GMP Deviations).

The reality is that wherever we have people involved in a process then there is opportunity for error. What became increasingly obvious to me was that technical fixes, such as new procedures or technology, while sometimes helpful, often did not make the ‘human error’ problem go away.

Becoming increasingly intrigued by the human contribution to workplace performance, I obtained a second university honours degree in Psychology and went on to delve into the nature of human error. This, coupled with my studies of communication and leadership skills led me to develop the People in Pharma Human Error and Quality Leadership Programme.

Eric Furey consulting on GMP deviationMy breadth of experience and qualifications allow me to relate to most pharmaceutical departments, recognising their management, operational and compliance challenges. I am therefore able to provide training and support which simultaneously addresses both technical requirements and softer skills, such as team leadership, interpersonal effectiveness and dealing with performance shortfalls. This means I can provide valuable training, facilitation and support in the toughest of environments.

I will be delighted to supply a full professional CV on request (contact People in Pharma).

Eric Furey


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