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CAPA: Human error – root cause, or symptom?

20 November 2014

I find that I can really focus on my reading when I’m in coffee shops … a nice latte, with a touch of vanilla, and off I go. I was in one of my favourite spots last week when the owner, a middle aged gentleman, brought me my order and noticed the title of the ...

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Preventive Action in Practice: Ebola

1 November 2014

A short while after I put up the blog entry relating to the American nurse who contracted the ebola virus in a Dallas hospital, it was announced that British Army medics were being deployed to Sierra Leone to set up a field hospital for healthcare workers who may have contracted ebola. Here, verbatim, is what ...

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Ebola transmission to American nurse due to human error?

15 October 2014

Nina Pham is the courageous American nurse who contracted ebola while treating a dying patient in a Dallas hospital – and we should all be eternally grateful for such heroic and dedicated professionals. It was reported that health officials “remain uncertain” on exactly how Miss Pham contracted the deadly virus, as she was always wearing ...

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GMP Deviations: Considerations when Trouble-Shooting (Can we train for expertise?)

1 October 2014

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmaceutical packaging operations can, and will, go wrong – hopefully not too frequently. In such instances the key to saving costly waste of materials and time, or avoiding the risk that a GMP deviation will go undetected, is often quick and effective action. The person (or persons) involved must firstly recognise at ...

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Human Error and Preventive Action

17 September 2014

The simple task of boiling an egg comprises a straightforward, step-by-step, sequence of actions. But if we begin to note down the possible ways that this job can go wrong, for example dropping the egg, or undercooking it, we quickly realise that we are producing a rather long list. Some of these errors and mishaps ...

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